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US Government Warns That Outdated Routers Can Be Hacked By Russian Spies

Russian hackers using home internet routers to steal information and commit cyber-espionage. Sounds like a plot from a movie, but it's real life. The US and UK security agencies issued a joint statement yesterday alerting citizens that Russian spies have been using outdated routers in homes and businesses to spy for the Kremlin. According to…
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URGENT: This Android App Could Be Allowing Criminals To Hack Your Phone

Cybersecurity experts have discovered multiple Android apps that are being used to hack smartphones and steal texts, pictures, and other personal data. The apps are all fake versions of legitimate popular apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Minecraft. Back in September, hackers flooded the Google Play store with dozens of these fake apps. Google says…
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WATCH: What Happens When An Internet Scammer Gets A Chance To Do the Right Thing?

We've all dealt with those annoying internet scammers. You know, the ones who pretend to be a long-lost Nigerian prince who simply needs your bank account information and social security number to transfer $45 million dollars to your account. Some of these scammers claim that they need the money to provide for their family or…
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