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Modern-Day Communication, The Dangers Behind It

When it comes to IT security solutions, there are a large number of threats facing us. Modern-day communication technology has opened up a massive amount of potential for people; however, it also poses a significant threat in terms of security. Threats are increasingly advanced as time passes by, and this is endangering the safety and security of our data…
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Spot Fake Links In Your Emails

Opening unknown links can be a risk factor for your business and staff. As a result, more and more business owners have incorporated fake link prevention strategies into their security training. We’ve come up with a few tips to help ensure that your staff members have the critical information on how to spot fake links. This training can help prevent hackers from gaining access to your…
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Are you at Risk of Losing Data?

In past blogs, we've talked about some of the more common cybersecurity threats. But how dangerous is the web, and how much risk of losing data do you have?      Today we'll talk about a few of the most widespread threats that need your full attention.     Windows 7 End of Life    When…
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8 Biggest Security Threats to Small Businesses

We still see the same scene in horror movies: the main character runs into the house, slams the door, locks the deadbolt, and sighs in relief — but the killer still sneaks up and attacks them from behind!   If you own a small business, you might find yourself in a similar situation. Sometimes small business…
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