Network Audit

If your business uses computers that are connected to the internet, there's a good chance that you're being hacked right now. That’s right – while you’re sitting here reading this, hackers in China, Russia, and Turkey could be stealing valuable information from your company. Financial records, credit card information, and even company secrets – nothing is off limits to hackers unless you take specific steps to secure your network and computer systems. What’s worse is that once hackers have stolen the information, they often delete it from your computer. In most cases, you’ll never notice anything different. But one morning, you’ll sit down in your office and turn on your computer – only to find that all of your files are missing.

Make no mistake - this is a very real threat. USA Today found that 43% of companies in the United States have suffered a data breach in the past year alone. If you own a small business, you're a prime target for hackers. The National Cyber Security Alliance found that 71 percent of security breaches target small businesses. But here's the scary part - according to Experian, 80 percent of small businesses that suffer a breach go out of business within 18 months. You read that right - out of every 100 small businesses that experience a data breach, 80 of them close down within 18 months. Hackers don't care that you've spent years building your business from the ground up - they can tear it down within days.

Wise Computer Solutions wants to help you secure your network from hackers. For a limited time, you can get a full network audit and assessment for only $299. We will examine your network, fix basic problems and security breaches, and deliver a full report on the state of your network and systems.

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