Billions of Passwords Leaked on Dark Web

In what could be the largest data breach in recorded history, a database of 8.7 billion passwords has been discovered on the Dark Web. These passwords have been stolen from multiple databases and collected on a hacker forum under the name RockYou2021. Since only 4.7 billion users use the internet worldwide, this number is alarmingly high. Hackers are able to utilize this database by running billions of possible passwords against already existent databases of usernames and email addresses. Securing your accounts is extremely important. If breached, hackers can steal your identity, financial information, and more. We recommend taking the following steps to prevent data theft:

  • Check to see if your passwords have been stolen: Use a reputable data leak checker such as Have I Been Pwned, Avast Hack Check, or Firefox Monitor. If your password has been stolen, change it immediately!
  • Use Secure Passwords: Use passwords at least 12 digits long with capital letters, symbols, and lowercase letters. Do not include any personal information in the password, and do not use passwords that have been used on other sites. Find a secure place to store your passwords in case you forget them.
  • Activate 2-Factor Authentication where possible: On sites and accounts that allow it, use 2-factor authentication. This will require new logins to authenticate with a code from your email address or mobile phone. This increases security, making breaches much harder to perform
  • Consider using an offline password manager to create, store, and remember your passwords: Password Managers such as KeePass, Myki, and others are extremely secure and helpful in managing your passwords.

     This breach is yet another reminder of how important it is to stay secure in the digital world. If you have any questions or need help with securing your data, reach out to us at 478-289-6607. Alternatively, you can visit our office at 125 E Main Street, Ste. C, Swainsboro, GA, 30401. 

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