Microsoft Announces New Windows Operating System: Windows 11

In the summer of 2015, Microsoft announced the release of what was supposed to be the last installation of Windows - Windows 10. However, apparently even the best laid plans go awry, and Microsoft has announced the release of the new and reimagined Windows 11. Complete with design changes, new features, and system updates. The new version of Windows is slated to release later this year and will come as a free upgrade for all owners of Windows 10. There‘s an incredible amount of cool, innovative and exciting new things to cover in today’s post, so let’s jump right in.

The first thing new users will notice about Windows 11 is the brand-new, modern design interface. Complete with rounded corners, a new color scheme and an updated Windows logo, the Windows 11 truly brings a clean, innovative layout to the table. The taskbar has been updated to center your icons and Start Button (although this can be reverted if you prefer the original look). Additionally, to increase productivity, the start menu has been updated to allow fast and easy access to what you need when you need it, and different applications can now be positioned on the screen in a variety of different ways. To encourage organization, different desktops can now be customized with unique desktop backgrounds, allowing users to jump between school, work, and gaming with convenience and ease.

Windows 11 is also overflowing with rich new features which will make Windows a great choice for all your technology needs. Possibly the most important new feature arriving with Windows 11 is the integration of Android apps into the Windows operating system. Apps that are now exclusive to Android will be available through the Windows Store, which is getting some design updates of its own. Additionally, widgets will be getting extensive personalization options and will become accessible directly through the taskbar. With advanced content curation, you will be able to stay up to date with news, weather, entertainment and whatever matters most to you without interrupting your workflow. Microsoft Teams is also getting a special integration within the taskbar, making it easy to access and convenient to stay connected with your family, friends and coworkers.

There are also several important technology updates that will be coming to the new version of Windows. Windows 11 will feature an easier transition between monitor and laptop – with your device remembering the positions of your applications for easy transitions between docked and undocked usage. Windows 11 will also feature improved split-screen technology, and better multi-tasking functionality such as Snap Groups and Snap Layouts. Additionally, with a renewed focus on gaming, the operating system will have several Xbox features such as Auto-HDR, DirectStorage and Xbox Game Pass integration for PC users.

There’s no doubt that Windows 11 is an exciting new addition to the Windows lineup and we’re sure you’re looking forward to it just as much as we are. If you would like to learn more, visit Microsoft’s information page. If you have any questions about Windows 11, Windows in general, or any other computer needs, you can contact us at 478-289-6607. Alternatively, drop by our office located at 125 E Main Street, Suite C in Swainsboro, Georgia. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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