What is Data Loss, Anyway?

2pm January 13, 2021


Join us LIVE at 2pm on February 10, 2021

Wednesday was just any other day for me. I started my day with a nice breakfast and started getting ready for work.

Then everything changed. I got THAT call! The call all business owners dread. Someone had clicked on a link on a vendor website.

Suddenly, all the files on the server were disappearing and then reappearing with a crazy file name. Ransomware had struck! All the files on the server were being encrypted (effectively rendered USELESS).

I gave the order to shut down all computers, but it was too late. Our files were irrecoverable.

Fortunately, though, we had great backups. We were able to restore all the files, as they had been just moments before.

This is a classic example of a story we hear all too often in this modern age of cyber attacks.

Unfortunately though, not all ransomware attacks end this way.

What if they did not have good backups?

What if you don’t have good backups?

Join us for our Data Backup Webinar at 10:00am on December 15 2020. We’ll show you how you can protect yourself, and make sure that when disaster strikes your business, you’ll be ready for it.

What You'll Learn:

  • How your files can be lost forever
  • Who or what is behind this
  • How to minimize data loss
  • Types of backups
  • How to choose backup methods
  • Other important considerations

Webinar Outline:

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Real World Comparisons
    • “The Regulars are coming!”
    • The Trojan Horse
    • The Ostrich is “fine”
  • What Do The Hackers Have to Gain?
  • How An Ounce of Prevention Can Save Your Hide Later

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