3 Ways Technology Will Help Pull Us Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recently, COVID-19 has ravaged the United States, closing restaurants and bars, cancelling events and forcing people to practice social distancing. Many businesses are struggling as they are being forced to adapt to this ever-changing challenge. With technology on our side, we can maintain productivity and ensure that life can continue at a somewhat normal clip. Three ways technology can pull us all through the COVID-19 Pandemic are through remote work capabilities, virtual events and streaming, and communication.

  1. Remote Work Capabilities: You may have never dreamed you’d be writing up your next big report with your child sitting next to you doing school, but global pandemics tend to mix up the status quo a bit. In compliance with federal and state governments, many employers have sent their employees to work from home in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. With proper remote access or virtual private networks (VPNs), work can continue without a great deal of interruption.
  2. Virtual Events/Streaming: Events across the country have been forced to cancel or postpone indefinitely. Technology allows these events to continue through the power of live streaming. Artists are taking to Facebook Live to perform, speakers are moving to platforms like Zoom or YouTube, and church services across the world are moving to streaming services, revealing the true usefulness of this powerful weapon in the technological arsenal.
  3. Communication: Social isolation can prove very difficult, but luckily, with today’s technology, it doesn’t have to be completely miserable. Video chat, online messaging, email, and phone communication are powerful tools to keep the world connected through this difficult time. We’ll quickly see how human interaction is very important for work, pleasure, and sanity.

Experts have given no clear end to this global outbreak, and it is unclear how long these drastic measures will last. Thankfully, by taking advantage of the power of technology, we can maintain at least a small slice of normalcy and the world can continue.

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