Disaster Recovery

Data loss is far more serious than you could possibly imagine, and it’s never more than a single click away.  

Every four seconds, someone will suffer significant loss of important data.  

The toll that data loss takes on businesses cannot be overstated. 90% of businesses that lose data never recover it, and 70% of those companies will go out of business within a year.  

Quite simply, it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Imagine, for a moment, a typical Monday morning. As you walk into the office, you notice an atmosphere of panic. An employee clicked a link in a suspicious email, and within moments, every single computer on the network was completely locked down, displaying the same message: wire 10 million dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency to a specified address, or never touch your files again. This scenario seems disastrous, but there are two possible endings to the story.  

The first leaves you with an impossible choice: go into debt to pay the hackers and take the gamble that the hackers actually follow through, or accept that your data – irreplaceable records, financial documents, and QuickBooks files – is lost forever.  

In an alternate version of events, you simply revert all systems to the way they were 5 minutes prior to the breach, and resume day-to-day operations, changing what could have been a life-changing catastrophe to what could barely be described as an inconvenience.  

Are you prepared for the day when this scenario becomes reality for you?  

Too many business owners simply ignore the danger. 

They gamble their most important files on the tiny chance it will never happen to them.  

Such hope is gravely misplaced.  

Don’t take the chance. Don’t let it happen to you. 

Get peace of mind and rest easy knowing your files are secure – call Wise Computer Solutions today.