Business IT Management

Keeping technology working for your business involves managing countless moving pieces. Often, things behind the scenes can break that will disrupt normal operations and cost your business time and money. 
Trying to keep up with so many components and prevent these incidents can cause unnecessary stress for business owners and office managers and prevent them from focusing on running their business well. 
The best way to solve this problem and avoid potentially expensive failures is to invest in a managed IT solution that will help you to manage your technology behind the scenes and keep everything running smoothly.

Wise Computer Solutions offers an all-inclusive managed IT solution package to keep every part of your company’s technology doing what it should. Here are some examples of the services we provide:

Security Assessment

We regularly scan systems for vulnerabilities that could lead to data breaches or malicious activity on workstations and servers and install needed patches.

Network Maintenance

We keep your network system up to date and monitor network equipment for failures.


We ensure antivirus software is installed and updated on workstations and servers to prevent malicious software from causing failures

Active Directory Management

We monitor computer credential systems to make sure only current employees have access to company systems.

Software Version Management

We monitor software on workstations and servers so we’re alerted before software versions lose support and know when they need upgrading.

Performance Monitoring

We make sure all systems are running smoothly by monitoring performance and ensuring that computers have sufficient capacity in disk space, memory, graphics, and processing power.

Preventative Maintenance

We perform regular preventative maintenance to reduce the likelihood of future problems.

If you have questions or want to know how this works for your business, you can contact us to learn more!