Is It Really That Important To Maintain Your Business Computers?

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We talk to a lot of small business owners, and one of the things we consistently hear is “Why do I need to maintain my business computers? If they aren’t broken, why fix them?” 

That’s actually a really good question. For small business owners, time is money. Throw in the fact that most small businesses don’t have unlimited money, and you’ll understand why many small business owners tend to neglect their business computers.

But as I’ll explain in the next few minutes, maintaining your business computers is actually one of the most important things you could ever do to help your business.

Here’s three reasons it’s crucially important to maintain your business computers:

  1. Computers that aren’t properly maintained are vulnerable to hacking, which could destroy your entire business. Hackers are one of the biggest reasons businesses lose customers and eventually shut down. If your business computers aren’t maintained properly, hackers can enter your system and steal sensitive customer information or even business financial information. They can also delete all of your files, leaving your business dead in the water.
  2. Slow computers decrease business and employee productivity, which decreases your profits. When your employees are fighting computer problems, waiting for slow programs to run, or trying to figure out why the printer isn’t printing, they’re not getting stuff done for your business. Well-maintained computers run smoothly and quickly, allowing your employees to be incredibly productive – assuming they’re not playing PacMan.
  3. Not maintaining your computers leaves you vulnerable to losing files and company information. We’ll discuss backups in much more depth in another blog post next week, but losing files or company data would be disastrous for any business. If your computers aren’t properly maintained, they can crash and you can lose your company records, bank statements, or Quickbooks files.

Maintaining your business computers is actually one of the most important things you can do to protect your business from disaster and keep your company operations running smoothly. You wouldn’t dream of not maintaining your company cars or equipment, so why would you leave your computers out?

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