Network Security Part IV: How Unsecured WiFi Can Destroy Your Business

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying our series on network security. We’ve already talked about five ways that hackers can get into your computers. If you want a quick review, download the free e-book here. The sixth way we’ll talk about is WiFi.

Unsecured WiFi networks are another really easy way for hackers to steal your information. Hackers can sit in a nearby building and access anything. It is really surprising to us how many companies have WiFi in their office that has no password, a really simple password, or WiFi security (like WEP) that is so easy to crack.

Here’s another way most people would never think about: your employees. It sounds like a plot from a James Bond movie, but it happens in real life. Hackers will get a job with your company to gain access to your sensitive information. Hackers may also bribe a current employee to steal information for them.

The best way to prevent this is called the law of least privilege. Only give your employees access to the files they need to do their job – nothing else. If they don’t have access to the files, they can’t steal them. Also, do thorough background checks on potential employees.

That’s it for today! Check back on Monday for part V.


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