Network Security Part V: Onsite Hacking

Happy Monday, everyone! As we wind down our series on network security, make sure to download our free e-book for more information on this topic. In the meantime, here’s two more ways hackers can gain access to your computers.

Onsite hacking is bold, audacious, and amazingly successful. In onsite hacking, the hacker walks into your business and pretends to be a computer technician or other contractor. Sometimes they will ask your employees for access to your computers and server, and other times they will find the equipment themselves.

The second way is lost or misplaced devices. If hackers somehow get their hands on your devices, they can retrieve any information that you have stored on them. You might leave your smartphone on the table at lunch, and walk away for a few minutes. In 15 minutes, a skilled hacker can gain access to your email, Facebook, and copy all of your files onto a memory card. If you upgrade or change phones, make sure to format and reset your old phone after copying your data onto your new one.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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