Phishing 101

Phishing 101 While the number of people sending personal information to the crown prince of Nigeria in hopes of receiving wealth and riches seems to be dropping, phishing still remains a major issue. In fact, the number of phishing campaigns pursued by hackers around the world increased 65% last year. What exactly is phishing? Hackers […]

Heritage Company Fires 300 Employees Following Ransomware Attack

This is not the news anyone wants to hear. Just before Christmas, the CEO of The Heritage Company had to tell his 300 employees some really bad news – they were fired. Why? They had been hit by ransomware and they didn’t know when / if they would be operational again. This is why it […]

Urgent Warning: WannaCry Exploit Could Delete Your Files Today

Look, I am not one to be an alarmist, but the latest Ransomware is causing havoc around -the world today. This is all over the news across the world today. Without getting into too many technical details, Ransomware encrypts your files and demands you pay money to get them back. THERE IS NO WAY TO […]