Russian hackers using home internet routers to steal information and commit cyber-espionage. Sounds like a plot from a movie, but it’s real life. The US and UK security agencies issued a joint statement yesterday alerting citizens that Russian spies have been using outdated routers in homes and businesses to spy for the Kremlin.

According to the joint alert issued by the US Department of Homeland Security and the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), hackers have been targeting government agencies, businesses, and even private home routers. The FBI did not offer specific evidence or details on the hacking scheme, but warned that the Russian spies were “stealing intellectual property from victims and laying the foundation for potential future attacks.”

“The current state of US network devices—coupled with a Russian government campaign to exploit these devices—threatens the safety, security, and economic well-being of the United States.” warned the FBI and NCSC.

The issue is specifically with older routers that have not been patched and outdated. The alert did not mention specific brands or models. The best way to protect your home and business from this new security threat is simply to make sure that your internet router is consistently updated and patched by the manufacturer.


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