Russian hackers using home internet routers to steal information and commit cyber-espionage. Sounds like a plot from a movie, but it’s real life. The US and UK security agencies issued a joint statement yesterday alerting citizens that Russian spies have been using outdated routers in homes and businesses to spy for the Kremlin. According to […]

URGENT: This Android App Could Be Allowing Criminals To Hack Your Phone

Cybersecurity experts have discovered multiple Android apps that are being used to hack smartphones and steal texts, pictures, and other personal data. The apps are all fake versions of legitimate popular apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Minecraft. Back in September, hackers flooded the Google Play store with dozens of these fake apps. Google says […]

Urgent Warning: WannaCry Exploit Could Delete Your Files Today

Look, I am not one to be an alarmist, but the latest Ransomware is causing havoc around -the world today. This is all over the news across the world today. Without getting into too many technical details, Ransomware encrypts your files and demands you pay money to get them back. THERE IS NO WAY TO […]

Network Security Part VI: Cloud Hacking

Hope your Wednesday is going great! This is the last part of our network security series. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. If you have, feel free to scroll down and leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. The last way that we’ll discuss is cloud hacking. There have been several high-profile cases […]

Network Security Part V: Onsite Hacking

Happy Monday, everyone! As we wind down our series on network security, make sure to download our free e-book for more information on this topic. In the meantime, here’s two more ways hackers can gain access to your computers. Onsite hacking is bold, audacious, and amazingly successful. In onsite hacking, the hacker walks into your business and […]

Network Security Part IV: How Unsecured WiFi Can Destroy Your Business

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying our series on network security. We’ve already talked about five ways that hackers can get into your computers. If you want a quick review, download the free e-book here. The sixth way we’ll talk about is WiFi. Unsecured WiFi networks are another really easy way for hackers to steal your information. […]

Network Security Part III: Passwords

Over the past few days, we’ve been covering network security. If you missed the first two parts of the series, you can find them here. If you want to go ahead and download the full e-book for free, click here. With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Easily guessed passwords are […]

Network Security Part II: Viruses and Updates

Yesterday, we published the first part in our series on network security. If you missed it, you can still read it here. We talked about how most businesses think they’re safe from hackers, but are really not. Today, we’ll talk about two quick ways that hackers can use to get into your computers and network. As always, […]

Network Security: Why It Should Matter To You

Here at Wise Computer Solutions, we’ve seen far too many cases of bad network security. Unsecured WiFi networks, poorly configured firewalls, and easy-to-guess passwords – we’ve seen it all. Our mission is to help small business owners with computer and network needs, so we’ve written a free e-book on computer and network security. If you […]

What is Ransomware, and Should I Be Worried?

Ransomware is going around again, and you need to protect yourself. Hackers recently hit a California hospital with ransomware, and it shut down their entire system. They couldn’t use most of their equipment, meaning that patients had to be transported to other hospitals. Staff couldn’t use computers or tablets, which meant that everything had to […]